Winovus manufactures nano-scale structured substrates in Singapore, and we support global companies in their Deep Tech applications. We design and fabricate micro-and nano-scale patterns that add optical, functional, and mechanical properties to your optical devices and components.

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Microarrays for medical diagnostic

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Autonomous vehicle sensors

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Lens optics and wafer-level optics for sensors

display cover glass and optical windows

Display cover glass and optical windows


Microarrays are used for genomics, early cancer screening, drug discovery, and life sciences research.

We use nanoimprinting, nano-injection and optical coating technologies to manufacture microarrays with micron and sub-micron structures.

Our nano-size structures can be in micro-channels, wells, pillars, and other customized micro-nano size designs. These structures allow molecular investigation and precise fluid flow control within the nano-litre range needed for medical diagnostics applications.

In addition, we have advanced optical coating technology to deposit thin-film layers on the patterned substrate to modify its optical or surface properties.

Microarrays with high-resolution nanostructures (typically smaller than 1-micron feature) are manufactured through imprinting on glass and polymer substrates. Glass microarrays have high mechanical stability and thermal shock resistance. They are suitable for DNA and protein microarrays as well as other life science applications.

For plastic microarray manufacturing, we integrate elements of nanoimprinting with injection molding. Nanoinjection molding is a scalable and cost-effective process that replicates nano- and micro-scale structures onto three-dimensional free form products. A reinforced polymer such as PBT and LCP can be used. Other standard polymer materials are PMMA, PS, COC/COP, and PC. Plastic biochip has the advantage of lower fabrication costs.

Tap onto our nano- and microstructures fabrication knowledge to open up new possibilities for your microarray and microfluidic chip.

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Autonomous vehicle sensors cover

Radar, LIDAR, ultrasonic, and cameras sensors are critical technologies used in autonomous vehicle sensing.

Protection is needed to shield the AV sensor’s sensitive electronics from heat, moisture, impact, and other environmental factors. Interference from sunlight, rain, fog, etc., can also affect these AV sensors accuracy. Winovus manufactures protective glass windows and polymer radar covers for these AV sensors. Our nanofabrication technology can enhance your AV sensors’ performance by adding optical and functional properties.

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LIDAR technology uses pulsed light waves to detect objects around a vehicle. The optical performance of LIDAR’s cover window can affect the quality of the light wave signal. Winovus’ Nanopatterning and optical coating solutions can add Anti-reflection, superhydrophobic functions, protective coating and other specialized coatings to the cover window. This can enhance the reliability and performance of the Lidar system.

Winovus manufacture customised microlens array (MLA) and sensors cover for the automotive sector. According to the application’s specific needs and environment, we can design the nanostructures and imprint them on glass or polymer substrate. Let us speed up your innovation process.

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Lens optics and micro lens
array for sensors

With the rapid rise in intelligent devices application, sensors and optics, which are vital to such applications, are also developing at an unprecedented pace. Our in-house capability of electro-forming, nanofabrication and optical coating allows Winovus to quickly turnaround prototyping for such developments.

Winovus co-develops with customers and supports customised optical solutions from concept testing, prototype building to mass production for the following sensing and imaging lenses:
1) Refractive and diffractive optics
2) Light guides
3) Bandpass filter
4) Microlens array (MLA)
5) Display and projection lighting etc.

Microlens array (MLA) are multiple microlenses arranged on a substrate. Our nanoinjection molding and nanoimprinting directly replicate submicron patterns and nanostructures on optical polymer or coated glass substrates.

Display cover glass and
optical windows

Winovus has in-house glass processing and machining capabilities to fabricate display windows, optical glass covers and optical flat mirrors.

Optical windows and technical glass protect sensors and display touch screens without affecting the incident light or imaging. We fabricate technical glass from the thickness of 0.4mm to 10mm of various sizes, configurations and volumes to suit customers’ applications. Technical glass can be machined, polished, laminated, toughened, screen printed, thin-film coated and nanoimprinted. Our technical and optical glasses are used in medical technology, display, border-control and biometric scanning, smart home devices, intelligent control systems, 3D printers etc.

Optical and functional coatings can be added to enhance the performance of your devices. Our thin-film coating range includes anti-reflection(AR), hydrophobic, oleophobic, antimicrobial and scratch-resistant. For instance, our Diamond-like-carbon coatings (DLC) provide wear and chemical resistance for optical components used in harsh environments. Let Winovus customise glass and coating solutions for your applications.

The Winovus advantage

Deep nanofabrication expertise

We are the pioneer in nanoimprinting technology in Singapore. Our diverse teams have years of extensive experience and deep knowledge in nanofabrication and optical coating to create patterned substrates.

From customising prototype to high-volume manufacturing

We support our clients from rapid prototyping to high-volume nanofabrication. Our cost-effective nanomanufacturing solutions allow our clients to innovate with speed and scale to capture new markets.

We take bold steps

As an agile and founders-led company, we question assumptions and flip the odds to create the extraordinary for our clients.

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