chew ker yee

CHEW Ker Yee

Ker Yee serves as the Co-founder and CEO of Winovus, where he drives the overall strategy and growth of the company.

Growing up in a manufacturing business, Ker Yee has developed an agile thinking mindset and was inspired to join his family business, Wangi in 2001. Over the years, Ker Yee has accrued comprehensive experience in leading change and organisation transformation. He adopted a lean methodology, Business Excellence framework and open innovation strategy to transform Wangi. Ker Yee’s architecture training has enabled him to use design thinking processes to tackle customers’ pain points. Ker yee aims to cultivate a growth culture through continuous feedback. His methods include weekly “reflection” discussions with his team, learning from their feedback and reverse coaching.

Ker Yee enjoys playing Go chess with his boy and exercises his creativity, by exploring and cooking new fusion dishes.

Ker Yee is a 6-sigma black belt and holds a Bachelor of Architecture with honours, from the University of New South Wales. He has an MBA with a concentration in finance, from the University of Chicago.