ONG Kian Soo

ONG Kian Soon

Kian Soon is a technical advisor to Winovus.

Kian Soon is in the pioneer team, in A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), to research on Nano-imprinting technology. He brings to Winovus his deep technical expertise, including 17 years in RnD and its application, on polymer processing, thin-film coating and material characterization. He currently holds a position in IMRE as its Principal specialist on micro-nano imprinting and plastic processing technology for optical and agriculture applications. He is passionate about exploring light with micro and nanostructures and understanding how light can be manipulated. Prior to IMRE, Kian Soo spent 2 years in Infineon as Senior Principal Engineer and was involved with the setting up of a multi-million OLED plant in Osram, Penang. Before, Osram, he was a quality engineer for 13 years.

Kian Soo enjoys growing plants and trying out good food in Singapore.
Kian Soo holds a master’s degree in Polymer and Polymer Composite Science and Engineering with distinction, from the University of Sheffield. He also holds advanced Diplomas from Singapore Polytechnic.