Winovus is a Singapore-based manufacturing company. We are pioneering nanofabrication technology in nanoimprinting, nanoinjection molding, and optical thin-film coating.

Filling the gap between semiconductor lithography and mainstream manufacturing technologies, we are revolutionising how microarrays, optics and lenses are manufactured and used.

Our Purpose

We want to create a better tomorrow with nanofabrication technology.

Our Vision

Inspire through our people, innovation and collaboration.

Our Mission

A leader in nano-structuring driving its applications.

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noun. / wɪ.nuh.vuhs

  • A team of manufacturing experts pioneering nanofabrication technology and its applications.
  • A technology-savvy tribe from Singapore collaborating with other tribes to advance manufacturing with the mission to help others grow.

The Winovus principles

At Winovus, our principles define who we are, and we are guided by it to help us achieve our vision. We aspire to live these principles every day. We :

  • Build an open and collaborative culture.
  • Invest in our teams and build trust.
  • Take ownership in everything we do.
  • Question assumptions and challenge the status quo.
  • Tolerate failure and act on what we have learned.

Exploring and navigating through uncharted territories will define our future. It is this bold, adventurous and never give up determination that founded Winovus.

Chew Ker Yee, Co-founder and CEO

Our Story

Ker Yee joined his family manufacturing business in 2001, with a dream to build a manufacturer that empowers people to excel and inspire others.

When the family exited the business in 2019, Ker Yee and co-founder Tian Poh were determined to continue the pursuit and discover new possibilities. They redefined what they learned, building a people-first and customer-centric manufacturing start-up. Together with the founding team, they created a motivating culture – where people come together to experiment, explore and excel.

Winovus was founded with the purpose to create a nano-structuring enterprise, where its people and clients can achieve the extraordinary. Winovus uses nano-fabrication technology to explore new frontiers.

“Winovus” is a bold expedition, fusing “Win” and “Novus”, where Novus in Latin means new, innovative and exceptional.

Our Team
We work with you to
achieve the extraordinary.

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